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Welcome to the Emma Jayne School of Dance | Dance classes for all ages and levels of experience

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Miss Emma has always loved dancing ever since starting at the age of 3. She trained with the Sharon Potter school of dance gaining her Fellowships in Ballet, Tap and Modern, Associate Freestyle and further certifications in Contemporary, Gymnastics Dance, Musical Theatre and Early Movers with the N.A.T.D.

Miss Emma was accepted as an Examiner in 2020.

Emma runs the school, teaches at all levels and puts on displays. Examinations are taken in all subjects enabling pupils to progress through the grades. These are held every quarter.


Ballet instils a sense of pride and accomplishment which can boost self-esteem. Dance training can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively.


Modern can be intensely physical, enhancing strength and stamina or it can be lyrical and calm, inspiring suppleness and fluidity. All of this is accomplished in a very fun way.


Tap for adults and children is a great way of meeting people and making friends in a fun environment. It is great exercise, will keep you in shape and keep your heart healthy.


“Izzy has been learning ballet with Emma for over 6 years. Her lessons are engaging and full of warmth, building their confidence and creating beautiful dancers. Key for us has been Izzy’s response to “how was ballet?”… “It was fantastic! I loved it!”.”

“Our daughter has been dancing with Emma since she was 3, she’s now 9, and I absolutely couldn’t recommend her enough. She’s not only wonderfully kind and caring but the way in which she teaches technically is amazing. Emma always has very high expectation but in a very lovely environment where children feel safe and cared for. “

“My daughter has been coming to Emma Jayne School of Dance for quite a number of years now and she absolutely loves it! Miss Emma is a wonderful teacher and my daughter really looks forward to her Saturday classes. Even through the difficult Covid times Miss Emma made the classes enjoyable through Zoom and my daughter wouldn’t have missed them for anything.”

“My daughter has danced with Miss Emma since she 3 1/2. Throughout that time I have felt that my daughter is learning in a caring and supportive environment. Grace has not only learnt the required elements of Ballet, Tap and Modern, but has learnt the principles of dedication, perseverance and discipline. This has allowed her to become a confident young lady who understands the importance of effort and persistence in all elements of life. She has grown and developed in her own time, guided by Miss Emma and is looking forward to continuing her dance journey, in what is now her 11th year of being part of the school.”

“My daughter (now almost 9) joined miss Emma’s School of Dance at age 3. I have watched her develop and grow both physically and in confidence throughout the years of dance which is strongly accredited to Miss Emma’s professional but bespoke approach to her lessons. My daughter is not a natural dancer, yet every year she chooses to continue with three separate lessons as she absolutely loves the experience. Miss Emma has taught to her strengths and instilled love of exercise, a healthy body image and a joy of dancing in her. This is coupled with strong technical skills resulting in excellent grades at examination level. I cannot recommend her classes enough – Miss Emma is the best dance teacher around!”

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